Getting Started: 11 Resources to Start Your Freelance Writing Career

If you are like me, and in some way aren’t ALL writers alike, then you know the importance of scouring the web for information. I am a firm believer that when a fellow freelancer¬†posts a blog article, a tweet, or just a bullet list of advice that you take a moment to see what that person has to say. I am amazed, and truly grateful, at the openness with which freelancers share what they’ve learned with others.


When I began freelancing I knew nothing about the world I was jumping into. I’m not saying that I know it all now because trust me that is not the case. I too am constantly in a learning mode state of mind. How can you afford not to be in this day and age where technology changes and information is updated daily? Knowing this, I spend the first couple minutes of my day perusing social media for new hacks and ideas on how to make my blogging life easier (more to come in a later series about making your daily life easier).

So today I’d like to pass along 11 articles that can help jump start your freelance writing career. I hope that these put you on the right path towards living your dream! Please let me know if you have found any that you think would be beneficial to others. Р22 Freelance Services You Can Offer as a Stay-at-Home Mom – 105 Ways to Make a Living Writing in 2015

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Happy Reading!